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Wiebke Haas: Horsestyle - Horses as Trendsetters

Posted on August 11 2017

Wiebke Haas – Animal photographer and horse girl with body & soul tested our Cito 500 and captured impressive, as well as charming moments of some four-legged friends.

One of her latest projects “Horsestyle” focuses on photogenic but also hilarious models. From small shetlandponies to blond haflinger to elegant large horses, nearly every horse breed is represented.

Six years ago (2011), Wiebke began to work on this series. Her first portrait shows the beautiful Haflinger stallion Mozart, who set himself on the scene with the shaking of his fluffy mane. This image has established itself over time in the photo scene and is a synonym for Wiebkes work.

Wiebke’s passion for this project is “not only to depict horses, but to draw real, almost human poses out of them.” Not only that the horses shake their mane is a key feature of this project, but also that the horses stand frontal to the camera. Wiebke’s goal is to give the viewer the impression of a proper hairstyle.

With the fastest compact flash worldwide – Cito 500 – in the luggage, the freezing of each individual hair movement was a child´s play for Wiebke.

More impressive horse portraits and the whole story of the project can be found in the article “These Horses Will Define New Hair Trends!”

Come along to the set, watch Wiebkes Vlog here [GER]:

About the photographer:

Wiebke Haas was born on the East coast and grew up with animals. After her graduation, she became a state-certified professional photographer. Since then she has been working as an animal photographer all over the world. Her award-winning images are displayed in galleries, appear in magazines and are the subject of some TV productions. Since 2014, she also publishes books about animal photography. In addition to the implementation of commissioned work in the advertising industry and private photo shoots, she provides her know-how as a workshop leader to photographers-to-be and professionals. 

More information about Wiebke Haas and her work can be found on her Homepage or on her Facebook-Page.


Watch our video “Bursting Balloons” where you can see the Cito 500 in action!


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