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Mastering the Model Session with Frank Doorhof at B&H Photo Wednesday 8/28

Posted on August 26 2019

Don't miss Fashion Photographer, Bestseller Author, and Hensel  Ambassador Frank Doorhof at B&H!

Frank will tell you all about model photography in this exclusive lecture. Learn how to master your model sessions with a lot of examples Frank has recently done.

As a worldwide Hensel ambassador Frank makes beautiful pictures of models in his workshops, in his studio, and on location. He uses several modifiers to get his authentic pictures, full of color but still with a lot of details. His motto is “why fake it when you can create it” so he doesn’t use much photoshop and retouching.

He tells you how to connect with your models, how to coach them and what you can do the get the best results. You don’t need the most expensive camera, lenses or lights to be creative, just know your lighting and you can make great pictures too. In this lecture are several pictures you have never seen, for example with a led panel, or chandelier and of course with smoke and gels. You don’t need expensive gear to impress.

Frank Doorhof
Fashion & celebrity photographer Frank Doorhof, also Kelby ONE instructor teaches workshops model photography worldwide. His bestseller “Mastering the Model Shoot” has been translated in many languages like Chinese and Dutch.
Frank learns you all about lighting, because if you know what light does, you can control it, everywhere and always. Frank shoots big flash, small flash and led.
Frank is very active on social media. He vlogs daily with reviews and tips about photography. Every month he broadcasts a free, live photoshoot from his studio in Emmeloord.
To learn more about Frank, check out his website at





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