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Hensel Family Tree

Click on a item to learn more about it. Certo 200 - 110v Certo 400 - 100v Integra Plus 250 FM (Freemask) Integra Plus 500 FM (Freemask) Integra Plus 1000 FM (Freemask) Expert D 250 Speed Expert D 500 Expert D 1000 Cito 500 Monolight - The World's Fastest Strobe 360° Object Photography TRIA 3000 AS Multivoltage Hensel TRIA 6000 S Mulitvoltage Hensel's Cactus Flash Transceiver V5 Hensel EH Pro 3000 w/s Flash Head for Long/20-Pin Plug EH PRO 6000 EH Mini i Head with long plug for Nova D EH Mini i Speed Head with long plug for Nova DL - Power Packs Strobe Wizard Plus - Transmitter FREEMASK Transmitter Ringflash RF 3000-XS Superspot 3000 Hensel USA Porty L 1200 EH Mini P Head EH Mini P LED Speed Head Lightbar 130 LED Lightbar 130 Multivoltage Copy One Repro Flash System - 2x with repo arms & clamps LIGHTSTICK, ROUND PLUG Nova D 2400 - Now with WiFi Nova D 1200 - Now with WiFi Nova DL 1200 - Now with WiFi Nova DL 2400 - Now with WiFi Flash Box 30 x 50 cm for 13-pin round plug Hensel Intra LED Umbrella Flood Reflector 7" Reflector 9" Reflector Small 9" Reflector Medium 9" Reflector Large Accent Tube with integrated honey comb grid for EH / Integra Backlight Reflector 4 Wing Barn Door for 9" Reflector 22" ACS Beauty Dish VII Reflector Silver 22" ACW Beauty Dish VII Reflector White Hensel 60 x 60 Sliver Softbox without speedring Hensel 100 x 100 Silver softbox without speedring Hensel Softbox Silver 30x40 cm (11.8x15.7 in) Without Speedring Hensel 30 x 120 cm Stripbox without speedring Hensel Grand Mini 85 Hexadecimal Softbox Hensel Stripbox Sliver 30 x 90 cm without speedring Hensel Stripbox 30 120 cm withtout speedring Hensel Octabox Silver 90 cm without speedring Hensel Octabox 150 cm without speedring Hensel Grand 120 cm Hexidecimal Softbox without speedring Translucent Master White Umbrella 105 cm Economy White Umbrella 80 cm Hensel Master White PXL Umbrella 135 cm Hensel Master PXL Silver Umbrella 135 cm Hensel Ultra Silver Umbrella 105 cm Hensel Master White Parabolic Umbrella 80 cm Hensel Softstar Umbrella Box 105 cm Hensel EH Speedlight Adapter Hensel Octa Sunhaze RF 90 cm - (35.4") for Ringflash Hensel Foris 400 ws & 800 Ws Battery Powered Monolight Hensel Wifi Remote Control for Expert D and Nova's Hensel Beauty Dish Reflector Kit FreeMask Guide Hensel Starspot 3000 with round plug Hensel F-Spot 3000 with round plug Tria 24 SF 2400 ws generator with long plug Linear Flashs Reflector grids Plane auto and Megalights Hensel German Web site (in English) Hensel-USA Web Site