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  • Porty L 1200 Kit Special Offer

    Posted on May 15 2017

    Our “Porty” has become the synonym for battery-powered flash generators. There’s a good reason for that: The ORIGINAL is unbeatable in all its advantages together. Take your chance, choose the...

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  • Football with a Special Kick - Hensel Porty L & Hypersync®

    Posted on April 21 2017

    Katrin Heyer, photo designer from Wuerzburg (Germany), produced a series of image pictures of the German (American Football) Team “Wuerzburg Panthers“ for the text agency Contify. Not only was it necessary to...

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  • Fresh Food Photos for 5 Stars - On Location with Porty L 1200

    Posted on April 03 2017

    Looks matter – not only when the food is on the plate directly in front of you but also when it is presented in digital form or on paper: food...

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  • Shoot The Centerfold - Hensel Bali 2017

    Posted on March 29 2017

    Using a Hensel Porty L 1200 and a Hensel Octabox, Shoot The Centerfold's Jarmo Pohjaniemi shot this trailer for his upcoming exclusive private seminar/workshop in Bali, Indonesia. For more information on...

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  • Hensel Wifi Remote

    Posted on March 16 2017

    HENSEL WIFI REMOTE. EFFICIENT, CONVENIENT AND FLEXIBLE. Hensel belongs to the pioneers in the area of wireless flash unit control via computer: in 1998, when the Tria generators were introduced,...

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