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Hensel Wifi Remote

Posted on March 16 2017


Hensel belongs to the pioneers in the area of wireless flash unit control via computer: in 1998, when the Tria generators were introduced, “Flash Link“ software and hardware was already available for them and was used in many studios. Thanks to the enormous progress in the area of communication technology, there are many more options available today.

Furthermore, devices in form of smart phones and tablets are available and these are ideally suited to function as mobile remote controls. Thus, users can now control flash units and check all settings directly via the “Hensel WiFi Remote“ App.
This is a great help, e.g. when working on location and without an assistant. More complex set-ups inside the studio can be saved and quickly reproduced at a later time which increases productivity.

The Hensel WiFi Remote App is available for download in iTunes and in the Google Play Store free of charge.



The highlights of the Hensel Wifi Remote:

• App for iOS and Android

• Bi-directional function – Instand feedback of all settings

• Direct control of up to 12 FLASH UNITS, no separate router required

• Flash units can be controlled individually or globally

• Saving of all settings plus pictures of set-ups for quick allocation and repeating

• Display of all controlled flash units’ flash duration times

• Created in Germany

The Hensel WiFi Remote App is available for iOS and for Android and allows you to control all functions of Hensel Flash units though these are equipped with the corresponding functionality. The settings can be saved and recalled any time. Besides the flash power which can be displayed either in relative f-stops or Ws, the modeling light, the sync mode, and the ready signal can also be remotely controlled.

When operating several units, each unit’s power can be controlled individually or jointly – the latter allows fast correction of the whole exposure but without affecting light characteristics. The flash synchronization is done either via the proven Strobe Wizard Plus radio system by Hensel, via sync cord, or photocell.

Hensel WIFI REMOTE - The highlights

Due to a special protocol and the use of advanced WiFi modules, up to 12 Hensel flash units can be directly controlled without router via the Hensel App. On top it is possible to create 10 independent teams with max. 12 flashes each – perfect for larger studios. Individual flashes can be combined into large groups and controlled together; perfect, for example for large light banks or background lighting.

In order to quickly find and match saved settings, pictures of the set-up taken with the respective smart phone or tablet, can be stored in combination with all settings.

Another unique feature of the Hensel App is the option to have the flash duration times of all controlled flash units displayed. This allows you to select the power in such a way as to reliably freeze fast motion.

Since September 2016, all Hensel Expert D series flash units are equipped with the WiFi function. Older Expert D units can be upgraded which proves that Hensel systems truly are future proof. Further Hensel compact flashes and flash generators are also going to be equipped with this remote control option soon.

Quick reference manual for the configuration of Hensel devices with integrated WiFi Remote function:
Download (PDF, 890 KB)

Quick reference manual for the Hensel WiFi Remote App:
Download (PDF, 760 KB)


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