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Put the Magic in Your Lighting - Frank Doorhof Workshop

Posted on August 27 2018

Put the Magic in Your Lighting is without any doubt one of my most popular and most intense workshops…

Language for this workshop will be ENGLISH

NEW! 1 full day fashion shoot in a castle and 1 day in our studio in Emmeloord

October 19 & 20, 2018 - Sign up now!


Join us in our studio in Emmeloord and a location straight from a fairytale, for a very intense workshop weekend in which you will get all the answers you always wanted about model photography, business, retouching, workflow etc. In 2 full days (and evening) we go through every part of a successful photo shoot.
This whole weekend is 100% flexible in topics, styling, storytelling etc.
Each day we start with a Q&A which will be the base on which I build the rest of the day. This means that every attendee will learn exactly what he/she wants and there will be no questions left unanswered. This is a unique style of teaching that has proven to be incredibly successful for the attendees and a challenge for me as an instructor .
The workshop is aimed at all levels of photographers, due to the small group and the way of teaching there is literally something there for everyone, we discuss all topics during the weekend and the aim is to not just show you lighting setups, but to REALLY turn “that switch” about creativity and really understanding lighting and the workflow.

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