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Frank Doorhof's - Digital Classroom - The White Bride

Posted on March 11 2019

This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord. And this time the topic of the live shoot is:

“The White Bride”

Model is Nadine Stephan and as usual, she will have incredible styling. Nadine has been married for a few years now and Frank shot some of her wedding pictures and announcement shot.

In this episode, you will see Frank shoot a bride in traditional white. He will show you how to make a shot that could be in a magazine; bright, a lot of white and a neutral background. In retouch, he will show you how to enhance those whites even more and how to retouch the skin.

In the second setup, Frank will show you how to get more mood and atmosphere in your picture by changing the styling and light, for example, some extra props, color gels or a little bit of smoke. These are the shots Frank likes to shoot. Storytelling is very important to let your photo stand out. And even with minimum adjustments, you can do that too.

And the best thing is you can talk to Frank & Nadine LIVE in the chat on YouTube or Facebook.

Do you want to know more about shooting brides? Don’t miss this episode and next time, you’ll know what to do to make a difference!

Send in your bridal pictures and Frank will critique them. Mail them to

Join us in this 2-hour free, live, online interactive show on Wednesday, March 6, 3PM CEST or


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