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Frank Doorhof's - Digital Classroom - White Winter Wonderland with a Twist

Posted on December 19 2018

This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord. And this time the topic is:

White Winter Wonderland with a Twist!

Shooting whites, but still want detail? Or shooting with white lights, like LED or alternative light sources? And getting the right exposure? In this episode, Frank will show you how to meter light correctly so you get the perfect shot and don’t have to fix it in photoshop, well maybe a little. With Model and stylist Nadine Stephan, it is guaranteed that you’ll see great images and if Frank shoots it right also a lot of detail in her layers of clothes. We will show you how we step-by-step built a set creating a winter wonderland. No wet snow involved!

Frank will also show how to retouch your shots. You’ll see the complete workflow from shooting tethered and making the final selection, retouching with or without plugins till backup. In between Franks tells you about the importance of calibration and using a calibrated monitor. And the best thing is you can talk to Frank and the crew LIVE in the chat on YouTube or Facebook. Ask anything you want to know about this topic of model photography.

Learn all about the light meter, but also about creativity in this wonderful episode.


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