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Speedring for Hensel on Hedler Systemlicht


Product Details

Hedler Systemlicht in cooperation with Hensel-Visit has developed a special adapter that lets you use nearly all lightformers of the Hensel EH system on Hedler lights.

Delivery includes a matt protective glass dome (detachable). Continuous light sources by the renowned manufacturer Hedler Systemlicht are well-known for their high quality and reliability. The newest Hedler LED lights remain the most powerful and most versatile light sources in their class.

Compared to relatively low powered panel lights, the use of a high-power LED light allows the effective use of light shapers like reflectors and softboxes: light characteristics can then be directly adapted to the motif and to the user’s creative ideas.

This sturdy adapter is mounted directly onto Hedler lights and includes a Hensel EH quick-fit connector. Additionally, it is equipped with a detachable, matte glass dome that increases the light angle and thus optimizes the light distribution in connection with many light shapers.

With the introduction of this adapter, creative options expand when working with Hedler lights. Hensel flash users can use their proven light shapers also on the especially powerful Hedler LED lights, e.g. for video.

NoteThis is a special order item. Allow 4-5 weeks for delivery



    ACCESSORY MOUNT (D) 7.24" (18.4 cm)

    Hedler Systemlicht Leuchten

    WEIGHT 1.48 Lbs. (670 grams)

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