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Master White Parabolic Umbrella 80cm


Product Details

Slightly parabolic white umbrella with a more accentuated light output and reduced stray light.

The deep drawn parabolic form provides a more directed light output when compared to the standard umbrellas. This umbrella closes the gap between the white and silver colors. Perfect for fast light applications like portraits, fashion and wedding.


Useable for main or fill-in light.
Color: white (inner surface)
Dimensions: Ø approx. 80 cm 
Recommended accessory, for optimal light efficiency: Umbrella flood reflector for units with EH connection (code no. 87).
     Art-No 1140
    DIAMETER (CM) 80
    MODEL LIGHT (MAX.) 650 W
    COMPATIBLE EH & MH System or any strobe which supports an 8 mm shaft.

    Please Note: Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.


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