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Master PXL White Umbrella 135cm


Product Details

Large parabolic umbrella that allows fine light adjustments.

Parabolic, slightly focusable umbrella with 135 cm diameter. High-quality materials and sturdy mechanics for lasting durability.
For use with all current Hensel compact flashes, flash heads and continuous light sources, and many other flash systems.

Optional diffuser (code no. 4831623) for changing Master PXL umbrellas to practical softboxes (not usable for C-Light and MH Scanlight).
Low transport volume and weight. 
Transport bag included.
     Art-No 4821623
    DIAMETER (CM) 135
    WEIGHT 700 g
    MODEL LIGHT (MAX.) 650 W
    COMPATIBLE EH & MH System or any strobe which supports an 8 mm shaft.

    Please Note: Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.


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