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Intra LED 2-Light Kit


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Intra LED

The ideal continuous light set for webinars, interviews & bloggers!

With all the proven advantages of strobe light – there is one drawback: they aren’t useful as continuous light sources for the creation of video content. For that reason, Hensel, the leading German manufacturer of professional photographic flash equipment, has always offered continuous light sources for movie and video applications.

Dramatic technical advances within recent years have led videographers to seek new types of light sources. In addition, advances in the video capabilities of still cameras mean photographers are increasingly diversifying and increasing their output to include video content. Instead of big, bulky and expensive Halogen and HMI lamps, many customers want small, lightweight, reliable and affordable units that are safe and easy to use. With the sensitivity of image sensors continuously increasing and camera operators often preferring to use high speed lenses for selective focus and more naturalistic imagery these type of compact light sources are often a perfect compliment.

For these reasons LED light sources have become more and more popular. But many of today’s products offer limited possibilities to change the light characteristics. Most are panels that offer a relatively smooth illumination but can create distracting micro shadows; some are spots with a very selective light spread. Demanding customers need to invest in different devices for varying situations.

Based on our experience with the impressive Lightbar LED 130, the innovative EH Mini P LED flash head and the popular C-Light D HID head, Hensel now offers the Intra LED, a handy and economical continuous light head for videographers and photographers. This small and lightweight unit offers a light intensity that is similar to many professional LED panels, but also accepts the wide range of existing Hensel reflectors, softboxes and umbrellas to shape, sculpt and tone the light. This makes the Intra LED very versatile and doesn’t limit the user’s creativity. A slightly frosted glass dome (user exchangeable) improves light distribution and protects the LED. Due to its price, high quality and uncomplicated use, the Intra LED head is a very attractive unit for photographers who occasionally shoot video or for more discerning amateurs.

Art. No: 5130080

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Intra LED (8710)
  • 2x Light Stands (202)
  • 2x 7'' Reflector (504)
  • 1x Honeycomb grid 2 (508)
  • 1x Transport Case (4206)
  • Power Cord

Please Note: Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery if not in stock. 


ILLUMINANCE 3600 lx / 335 fc (9" light shaper from 1m) / 1700 lx / 158 fc (60 x 60 cm softbox from 1 m)
MAINS VOLTAGE 100-240V/50-60Hz
POWER CONSUMPTION max 0.9A (110V) / 0.5A (230V)

User Manual

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