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Honeycomb Grid for Octa 120 and Grand 120


Product Details

Grand softboxes offer a lighting characteristic that is concentrated on the center. This is enhanced even more by using the honeycomb grids. The light becomes more directional and produces stronger, harsher shadows which gives pictures more punch and increases the contrast.

Especially in small studios which have more back reflection, the reduction of scattered light is very advantageous.

Another advantage for many photographers and not to be underestimated: The eye reflection is split into smallest points – a fantastic effect and a sure eye catcher.

The protruding edge of the softbox comes with a broad strip of Velcro loop tape. Hook tape is attached all around the honeycomb grid. This allows you to fasten the honeycomb grid quickly and securely to the softbox. Furthermore, the honeycomb grid has size indicators which help ease matching. Delivery includes a nylon transport bag. The honeycomb grids can also be used in combination with the new Hensel Bounce adapter, with or without front diffuser.

COMPATIBLE Hensel Grand Ø 120 cm

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