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Grand Mini 85


Product Details

Often in life small things make the biggest impact. 

Grand Mini 85 is a Grand Softbox for photographers on the move!  

The Grand Mini 85 has an 85 cm (33.46”) diameter and boasts similar benefits to our other Hensel Grand softboxes.

  • A parabolic shape for even, bright lighting (deep, deca hexagon - 16 sides) 
  • Harsh or soft light options utilizing inner/outer diffusers
  • Optional fabric honeycomb grid
  • High efficiency due to optimum construction
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Top quality, rugged fabric to ensure durability and longevity

Grand Mini 85 setup literally takes seconds

The “Small” difference between the Grand Mini 85 and our other Grand softboxes;


While Hensel’s other Grand softboxes setup in the traditional way, which involves laying out the fabric and connecting rods one by one to the speedring, setup for the Mini 85 is a simple and can be achieved in seconds.

To setup the Grand Mini 85, removed it from its transport bag, open it like an umbrella insert the diffusers and you’re ready to go. Hensel’s famous EH modifier connector is integrated into the mechanism so that that Grand Mini 85 can be mounted on any Hensel strobe.

Quick and easy

Quick, efficient and extremely convenient. Any photographer will love the quality of light a Grand softbox produces and the ability to get so many different looks out of a single softbox. Photographers who change locations several times a day will love the easy and lightning fast setup. In addition, the Grand Mini 85 offers another advantage; with the exception of the diffusers, the rest of softbox is one piece making losing individual parts and struggling with bent rods a thing of the past.

Each Grand Mini 85 includes

  • Grand Mini 85 cm
  • Inner and outer diffuser (in small separate bag)

Optional accessories available:

    Art-No. 43220085
    SIZE Ø 85 cm
    DIAMETER X DEPTH  85 / 37 cm
    WEIGHT (W/O SPEEDRING)  1.4 kg
    SCOPE OF DELIVERY Inner and front diffuser (in a separate bag), transport bag for Grand Mini 85 
    COMPATIBILITY  Hensel EH-System

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