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Expert D 500 2-Light Kit - NEW!


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The entry into the top class - with two fast and comfortable Expert D flash units for the ultimate joy of flashing.

Incl. freemask function (optional freemask transmitter required). Learn more about freemask HERE.

Incl. Hensel WiFi Remote function - The Hensel Remote App is available as a free download on the following platforms:

Download on the App Store  Download on the Mac App Store  Get it on Google Play

Kit Includes:

  • 2x Expert D 500 compact flash unit including protective glass dome (Part # 8350SW)
  • 2x umbrella flood reflector (Part # 87)
  • 1x radio transmitter Strobe Wizard Plus (Part # 3950)
  • 1x Device Bag (Part # 4211)

Please Note: Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery if not in stock. 

    ITEM NUMBER: 5130016

    User Manual

    Expert D 250/500/1000 - Download

    Wifi Remote - Download

    Expert D 500 & D 1000

    Firmware 5.1.0
    (Mac from OS X 10.5 and Windows from XP)

    Manual for OS X

    Manual for Windows

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