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Expert D 500


Product Details

Fast flash sequences, short flash durations, a wide power range and an extensive selection of light shapers: The Expert D series from Hensel represents the top class among compact flashes and opens up unlimited creative possibilities. With the optional Power Max L also outside the studio.

The large control range over 8 f-stops in 1/10 increments, the fast flash sequence from 0.11s to 0.5s (corresponding to 9-2 frames/second), ultra-short flash times from 1/2000s to 1/5600s and bright 300W modeling light meet the highest standards Expectations.

The Expert D 500 already achieves the shortest lighting time of 1/5600s in the pleasingly high power range of 145-64Ws.

Built-in radio synchronization and remote control as well as freemask (cut out in perfect quality, already during recording) and WiFi remote  .

High color temperature and power stability, high load reserve for electronics and flash tubes. 

Mains-independent operation in combination with Power Max L (optional accessory).

The power is regulated via capacitance switching and voltage regulation.

The extensive range of light formers for the EH quick-change system leaves nothing to be desired - whether in the studio or "on location". Especially in dynamic portrait, people and fashion photography, this device shows its advantages for professional photographers.

The moveable and detachable, compact tilt head with integrated umbrella holder can be attached to the top or bottom of the Expert D, for maximum flexibility, for example when used in ceiling rail systems. And all of this is housed in a stable yet light metal housing and is consistently "Made in Germany".

NEW - including the new Hensel WiFi Remote function
The corresponding app "Hensel WiFi Remote" is available as a free download on iTunes and in the Google Play Store.
  • Max. 500Ws
  • Very short flash durations from 1/2000 to 1/5600 s
  • Shortest flash duration 1/5600 s from 145-64 Ws
  • Extremely fast flash sequences from only 0.5 s to 0.11 s (2-9 flashes/second)
  • Adjustable 8 f-stop power range in 1/10 f-stops
  • Integrated radio remote receivers Strobe Wizard Plus, freemask and - NEW - Hensel WiFi Remote
  • High color temperature and output stability
  • Highest load capacity of electronics and flash tube
  • Off-grid operation in combination with Power Max L (optional accessory)
  • freemask function: cut-out masks in perfect quality while shooting
  • Stand adapter fits on both sides of the unit - perfect for optimal use in ceiling systems

Please Note: Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery if not in stock. 

           Art-No 8350SW
          ENERGY (WS) 500
          F-STOP (1M, ISO 100, 1/60 S, 12" REFLECTOR) f 90
          MODEL LIGHT 300 W/G 6.35
          FLASH DURATION T 0,5 MIN.
          1/2000 s
          FLASH DURATION T 0,5 MAX. 1/2600 s
          BEST FLASH @ POWER 1/5600 @ 125 Ws
          RECYCLE TIME (MIN. POWER) 0.11 s
          RECYCLE TIME (MAX. POWER) 0.5 s
          POWER RANGE 8 f-stops 1/10 steps
          MODEL LIGHT MODE on / off / full / prop
          MAINS VOLTAGE 100-240V/50-60Hz
          SYNCHRONISATION 6.3mm plug/Photo Cell/Radio
          REMOTE CONTROL Radio Remote
          READY SIGNAL acoustical/optical/Flash Check
          GLASS COVER (DOME) clear
          FLASH TUBE 9450420
          WEIGHT 3.4 kg
          MEASUREMENTS (L X W X H) L 35 x B 13.1 x H 19.7 cm


          User Manual

          Expert D 250/500/1000 - Download

          Wifi Remote - Download

          Expert D 500 & D 1000

          Firmware 5.1.0
          (Mac from OS X 10.5 and Windows from XP)

          Manual for OS X

          Manual for Windows

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