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Boom arm Kit 223


Product Details

The ideal kit for on the road! Everything is included, all in one bag, and ready to go.

This consists of:
1x Hensel Stand VI (code no. 223)
1x Boom 223 (code no. 800G223)
1x Pivoting Clamp (code no. 9802100)
1x sand bag (code no. 8000266),
all packed up in the large stand bag (code no. 3750).

         Art-No 80GK223
        HEIGHT (MAX.) 280 cm
        HEIGHT (MIN.) 105 cm
        BOOM LENGTH (MAX.) 255 cm
        BOOM LENGTH (MIN.) 110 cm
        TRANSPORT LENGTH 105 cm
        CAPACITY (MAX.) Lightstand: max. 9 kg Boom: max. 2 kg (full extension)
        EXTENSIONS 2 (Lightstand), 2 (Boom)
        WEIGHT 5 kg incl. Boom
        COLOR black



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