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Bracket for Porty L / Nova D / Power Max L


Product Details

Generator holder for Nova D/DL and Porty L generators and for the battery power supply Power Max L.

Simply good! Hook the generator handle into the support and you are done! This places the unit at the very bottom of the stand resulting in an optimal, low center of gravity. This way, the unit also does not sit directly on the floor where moisture and dirt „lurk“. This suspension harmonizes perfectly with the aluminum stand code no. 223 but also fits on other, similar stands. For Porty L, Nova D/DL and Power Max L on aluminum stands.

Please Note: Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery if not in stock. 

 Art-No 227
MEASUREMENT (L X W X H) 11.4 x 8.0 x 7.5 cm
WEIGHT 0.2 kg
COMPATIBLE Nova D 1200, Nova D 2400, Nova DL 1200, Nova DL 2400, Porty L 600, Porty L 1200, Power Max L



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