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Promotion - Integra Plus Octa Kit 1000/w 2 stands - The perfect portraiture kit

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At Hensel we believe in ingenuity through simplicity. That you shouldn’t need a manual to understand how everything works. That your finger should find the right button or switch without hesitation, even in complete darkness. Through decades of compact flash design, we’ve listened to the needs of our customers and applied that to the R&D efforts of our experienced team of engineers. Hensel creates flash units that simply work exactly how you expect them to, consistently and reliably.

Hensel’s Integra Plus 500 is our most rugged strobe, offering a 6-stop power range. The Integra Plus will gladly work all day, every day and includes high performance electronics allowing operation in the toughest of conditions, making them perfect for the rigors of location-based photography. Wireless firing, power control and modeling light functions allow the photographer to concentrate on being creative rather than the operation of the strobes.

Hensel’s two light Integra kits have traditionally shipped with an umbrella. This promotional kit replaces the umbrella with an Octabox E 90 cm (35.43”), providing more control over the light and, in many people’s mind, making it a better portraiture kit. On top of this, the kit costs $150 less than the umbrella version.

Hensel Integra Plus Octa Contents

Art. No 7130001

2 x Integra Plus 500 "FREEMASK" (8815FM)
2 x Modeling lamp 300 W/120 V (1280)
1 x Sync cord (122)
2 x Power cable US (958182)
1 x Radio transmitter Strobe Wizard Plus (3950)
1 x Reflector 7" (504)
1 x Octabox E 90 cm (300090)
2 x Alu Stand III air cushioned (200)
1 x Softbag VII (4201)


User Manual 

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