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Aluminum Light Stand - 190 Cm / Air Cushioned - Fold small


Product Details

Do you often need to carry equipment around and need lamp stands that have a highest level of sturdiness but smallest packing dimensions?

At a packing size of just 23.03" (58.5 cm), this stand extends to a height of 74.8" (190 cm). With legs that can be spread to 47.28" (115 cm), it provides a really stable and sturdy support for your studio strobes. What makes this stand different for others is that it can support up to 11.02 Lbs. (5 kg) of weight.

Your wallet and your back, however, do not have to bear much of anything! Weighting just 2.54 Lbs. (1.15 kg) with a price of $135.00, this stand is a truly a lightweight.
The stand has two air-damped extensions that are locked in place with a sturdy metal clamping device. The aluminum pipes have diameters between .79 to .94" (20 – 24 mm) and were high-quality anodized in a matt black. A firmly attached 5/8” stand pin ensures a secure connection between stand and device.

Especially in the simple things we see time and again how a well thought-out solution can make your daily work so much easier!

  • Very small packing dimensions 23.03" (58.5 cm)
  • Max. capacity 11.02 Lbs. (5 kg)
  • Maximum Height 74.8" (190 cm)
  • Low weight 2.54 Lbs. (1,25 kg) & high-quality black anodized aluminum
  • Small footprint with a leg spread of 45.28" ( 115cm) 
  • Sturdy design with aluminum pipes from .79 to .94" (20 to 24) mm diameter
  • Two air-damped stand extensions
  • Small, light, durable & very sturdy
  • Stand extensions, locking with screws / aluminum cast clamping parts
  • Designed by Hensel & "Made in Italy"

The ideal companion for all on location jobs!

Our most versatile light stand.

         Art-No 220
        HEIGHT (MAX.) 74.8" (190 cm)
        HEIGHT (MIN.)
        23.03" (58.5 cm)
        TRANSPORT LENGTH 23.03" (58.5 cm)
        WEIGHT 2.54 Lbs (1.15 kg)
        CAPACITY (MAX.) 11.02 Lbs (5 kg)
        EXTENSIONS 2
        COLOR Black



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