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Certo Portrait 2-Light Kit

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With this kit, you are well equipped to start out in the world of portrait photography!

From the flash unit to the radio transmitter, everything you need for your first steps in professional portrait photography is included - the included light shapers give you plenty of scope for creative lighting design.

With Certo 200 and Certo 400, Hensel is introducing two new compact flashes especially tailored to ambitious amateurs, semi professional users, and new professionals starting out. Thanks to their exemplary performance and quality, they also attract price-conscious pros.

The new Certo compact flashes by Hensel excel with their outstanding price-performance ratio and are available in specially priced kits that include light shapers, stands, radio transmitter and a transport bag.

The small and light Certo flashes offer short flash durations of up to 1/3,400’s, fast flash recycling of 0.4-1.1’s and a setting range covering 6 or 7 f-stops in 1/10 steps. Thanks to their rugged construction, straightforward interface and direct access to all major functions, using them is almost self-explanatory.

A 16-channel integrated radio sync permits wireless firing. Hensel’s EH mount system offers the quickest and easiest way in the industry to attach a light modifier. Hensel uses safety glass to protect users and technology alike from potential damage. Flash tube and safety glass dome are mounted together onto a plug base, making any exchanges quick and hassle-free.

Active cooling ensures safe, continuous operation and lets you use the bright 150W halogen lamp (GX 6.35) as modeling light. The power display can be switched from relative f-stops to watt seconds.

Hensel’s well-designed Certo compact flash units offer a cost-effective entry into one of the industry’s most versatile lighting systems. A wide selection of light formers expand creative possibilities allowing the system to grow with the user’s needs. Like all other Hensel strobes, you can count on long term safety in terms of service, something only a well-known brand can offer. 

Art. No. 5023801

Kit Includes:

1x Certo 200 (88801) incl. flashtube/glass cover and transport cap
1x Certo 400 (88901) incl. flashtube/glass cover and transport cap
1x Softbox 60x80 cm (4180068)
1x EH Speedring (4000300)
1x 7“ Reflector (504)
1x Grid No. 2 for 7“ Reflector (508)
2x Certo Light stand (8001569)
1x Cactus V5 Transmitter (84540901)
1x Certo Kit Bag (4206)
2x Power Cord US (9581802)
2x Model Lamp 150 W/120V (7230)
1x User Guide Certo & Cactus V5


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Watch as Frank Doorhof stress test's these new "budget friendly" Hensel Certo strobes and shows you his results for flash duration stability, color uniformity, exposure consistency, build quality, compatibility with other Hensel strobes and a lot more. 

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User Manual 

Certo Manual

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